• ChapatiWonder™

    India's Most Popular Brand of Chapati Making Machine.

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    India's Most Compact & Advanced Chapati Making Machine.

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    Chapati Making Machine

    modern. creative. unique

    • Automatic Three Time Baking Systerm
    • Easy to operate and maintain.
    • High productive capablity.
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    India's Most Popular Brand of Chapati Making Machine.

we are Chapati Wonder™

With over twenty-nine years of service in the food processing machines manufacturing industry, Chapati Wonder™ manufacturing offers high quality, high capacity, maintenance free, energy efficient, India's Most Compact & Advanced “Chapati Making Machines” in automatic/semi-automatic/fully automatic segment, and dough kneading machine, dough ball making machine/dough ball cutting machine, and other food processing machines, commercial kitchen equipment, modular kitchen equipment.

Established in 1989, Chapati Wonder™ , is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of an innovative product of “Chapati Making Machines” and food processing machines, commercial kitchen equipments, modular kitchen equipments.
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We manufacture and supply different types of “Chapati Making Machine” in automatic/semiautomatic/fully automatic and also manufacturer of “Dough Kneading Machine”, “Dough Ball Making Machine”, “Potato Peeling Machine”, “Vegetable Cutting Maching” and special purpose machines in india and abroad. We make best commercial kitchen equipments, food processing machines, modular kitchen equipments which is usefull in Langars, Gurudwaras, Defence, Ashrams, Residential School's Hostel, IRCTC mess, Industrial/factory mess.
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We provided low cost, high productive , maintenance free, machines to our customers to make trust and long time relationship. our products spell new automations with every new product and is created keeping in mind our customers' needs and requirements.
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Chapati Wonder™
Are you looking for best commercial chapati making machine?
Compact Chapati making machine manufactured by us can make 800 to 1000 chapattis in one hour, saving a lot of time and labour. The chapattis made by this machine are totally home like and 100% hygienic. You can use normal wheat flour with this Roti Making Machine for making soft and high in quality chapattis in mass numbers. The chapattis made will surely remain fresh and soft even after few hours. This Roti Maker Machine is specially designed to give out the best performance in places where chapattis are needed to be cooked in bulks like religious langars, Industrial canteens, schools, college and Army mess, Tiffin Services and MNC canteens etc.
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Best Modular Kitchen Equipments

Wheat bread chapati making machine make your moduler kichten fully automatic, machine helps you to making chapati as fast as you think.

modern. creative. unique.

Machine: Chapati making machine, Model: Compact Ball of Dough feeding type, Capacity: 800 to 1000 Chapatis per hour, Electric Power 2.5Kw, LPG For Puffing: 3 Kg Per Hour, Machine Size: 5Feet(L) x 2 feet(w) x 4.5feet(H)
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Our Products

We have more modular kitchen equipments.

dough kneading machine

Dough Kneading Machine

dough ball cutting machine

Peda Making Machine

vegetable cutting machine

Vegetable Cutter

About Chapati Wonder™

Chapati Wonder™ is a leading Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of "Chapati Making Machines" in Automatic Chapati Making Machine, Semi Automatic Chapati Making Machine and Fully Automatic Chapati Making Machine. Our Other Products like Dough Kneading Machine, Dough Ball Cutting Machine/Peda Making Machine, Potato Peeler, Vegetable Cutter, Modular Kitchen Equipments, and Special Purpose Machines Since 1989. Chapati Wonder™ is a brand for Chapati Making Machines With high production capacity

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our clients ?

We are delivering chapati making machine in all countries.We have already client in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Malaysia, Singapure, Sri Lanka, Africa, India.